Scenario Toolkit

The Scenario Toolkit is a collection of open-source and free programs for use in scenario workshops. Scenarios are coherent and internally-consistent stories of possible futures that are created to help with current decision-making. The programs in the toolkit can be used to help with brainstorming sessions and to organize information.

The Toolkit

The toolkit includes:

  • Driving Force, for displaying “driving forces” along the two dimensions of how influential and uncertain they are,
  • Indicator Table, for brainstorming lists of indicators and how they might change in scenarios.
  • Bayes Scenario Parameters, for converting qualitative statements about scenarios into quantitative parameter values,
  • Scenario Manager, for organizing information about a scenario.

Ways to Use the Toolkit

To programs in the toolkit can be used by individuals or in groups, for

  • Individual planning,
  • Small-group work around a single computer,
  • Medium-to-large groups, using a computer projector.

Why Use the Toolkit

There are several reasons to use the programs in the toolkit, rather than the more traditional flip charts and sticky notes:

  • More time can be given to discussion, rather than the logistics of transferring notes,
  • The outcomes are documented directly, so that all participants can take the files at the end of the day, maintaining the flow of the workshop,
  • The tools are specifically designed for scenario workshops.